Photo & Film Competition

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2012 - Active Aging

DigiMe revisits the competition with a new subject and new prizes reusing our application, this time with Pinterest Support. All submitted videos are viewable straight to pinterest and  redirect to the submission pages.

The entry deadline is November 30th so hurry and send in up to 5 images and 3 videos for a chance to win a camcorder and other gifts. 

2011 - Climate Change

This application was created for the Photo & Film Competition which was organized by DigiMe.  The application handles the users' submissions for videos and images, serving as an intermediary between the website and youtube for the videos. The application was localised in 3 languages and was built for Joomla! 1.7 so it could serve as a CMS as well.

Congratulations to the winners:

Best photograph: Stephanos Africanos for 'Blue Desert'

Best film: Uygar Erdim for 'The Last Airbenders of Cyprus'