Web Design

Oh! My Pixel Design specializes in web design and web development in Cyprus and all over the world. Whether it's a simple website, or a full-fledged e-commerce website, we offer a great selection of services, tailor-made to fit your personal needs. You can get your choice of CMS, technologies, and even programming language and control all aspects of your website.

Simple Websites / Content Management Systems

Simple websites range from a few static pages, to dynamic content websites, like for example a news site. We offer services including all the major CMSs, namely Joomla!, Drupal and Wordpress.

This way, you don't have to re-train yourself to a new system if you don't want to.

We choose to use the aforementioned systems because of their compatiblity with most hosts and the fact that they are well-known among web designers and developers. So even if you decide to leave us in the future, you will not have any trouble maintaining your website.


One of the most common use for websites is e-commerce. Not just as a business plan in itself, but also as an extension to your already existing physical store. E-Commerce provides greater exposure for your organization and a more convenient way for your clients to puchase items from you.

E-Commerce - Oh! My Pixel Design

To make your transition to your new e-commerce website even easier, we offer stock management plans which can help you concentrate on more important tasks. And to help you even more, if you are moving from an existing e-commerce website, we will make sure that none of your existing products are lost.

Web Applications

Sometimes a simple website or shopping cart is not enough for your specific operations. Maybe you need a ticket system, a hotel booking application, a chat room, a forum, or any custom-built application for your website. We can help you add all the extra functionality you need to your website through our web application services.

Even if you have an existing site, we will make sure to use compatible technologies, to fit your existing frameworks, programming languages used, and Content Management Systems.  Our applications are tailor-made for your personal requirements and are easy to use and maintain,because they are designed with you and the end user in mind.

As with our websites, we use well-known technologies when creating our web applications, so that you can find support for them even if you choose not to stay with us.